Thursday 21. November 2019
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Commercials - Good Bye!


A new profile in version 1.3.0 uses ComSkip to recognizes commercials in MPEG2-streams and MEncoder removes them automatically with highspeed!

Additionally the new GUI remembers the last used settings and window position.


Convert via right click!


Version 1.2.0 doesn't change anything in the file conversion process itself, but brings with it a new function: right click conversion! Just right click on any supported filetype and select "Convert with MC-TVConverter"! You can enable this function via the MC-TVConverter settings in the "Context menu" tab. Select the profile you want to use for right click conversion and add the link to the context menu.

This new function also enables you to drop a file on the program icon to convert it!


Finally, the final Version 1.1 ;-)


The final release of version 1.1 is ready for download! This version updates the remuxTool, new profiles and more settings via GUI are available now (keep intermediate files, show conversion process in new window and language selection).


Version 1.1 RC2 out now


RC2 is a bugfix release mainly for conversion of HD streams by using a new converter: "HandBrake" ( A really great converter for h264 streams!

Additionally the check for an existing Java installation and the cancelling of a conversion during watching a folder were fixed. This release should be identical to the final if no more bugs are found.


New version 1.1 RC1 out


The new version supports for the first time WTV-HD conversion, watch folder, language files and advanced/redesigned settings. This version is the first release candidate and future development will concentrate on optimization an maybe new conversion profiles. I plan on releasing a RC2 which should be nearly identical to the final release.


Read the changelog.

Homepage online!

Today MC-TVConverter got his own home! I hope I can provide a better overview and a better support with it. I would love to get your feedback in the support forum!

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