Wednesday 11. December 2019
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Time for new version: v2.1.0!


"Time" is also the main new feature of this version. Now you can define time values to cut the beginning and the end of a video! This forced me to rewrite all the profiles, so please let me know if you find some bugs. Thank you!
As a new feature I also added MKV to the supported filetypes and JAVA is no longer needed anymore (though it's highly recommended for the fastest and highest quality results)!

Again, many thanks to the beta testers (@JustinChase and @kingdomservant) who were responsible for the delay... ;-)
I really fixed A LOT of bugs with the help of them! Thank you guys!

Download and have fun!

tsMuxerEasyCMD - commandline


For the ongoing development of MC-TVConverter I created "tsMuxerEasyCMD" - a commandline tool that makes using "tsMuxeR" easier. I want to provide you this tool as a separate download to be used in your own environment.
If you are using "tsMuxeR" via commandline, you will notice, that it needs an extra meta file for conversion, which makes it harder to use for a quick and simple conversion. "tsMuxerEasyCMD" helps you in this case by automatically creating this meta file during conversion to TS format. The tool "tsMuxeR.exe" has to reside in the same directory. The following parameters are used on commandline:

  1. i = (required) [path] input file
  2. o = (required) [path] output file
  3. m = (required) [path] meta file (will be created and used to store streaminfos during operation)
  4. start = (optional) [number] time in seconds to start the encoding
  5. end = (optional) [number] time in seconds to end the encoding
  6. mdel = (optional) [n|y(default)] delete the meta file after processing? n = do not delete
  7. show = (optional) [n(default)|y] show commandline output? y = show the commandline window


tsMuxerEasyCMD.exe i="d:\my videos\my_input_file.mpg" o="d:\my videos\my_output_file.ts" m="d:\my videos\my_meta_file.meta" s=50 e=7533657 mdel=n show=y


Download "tsMuxerEasyCMD"




Complete new version 2 available!


It's here - after months of development, the new version is ready. There is so much new that this time I prefer to refer to the Changelog ... ;-)

Many thanks to the beta testers who helped me in troubleshooting and pushed me further than I wanted to go... Thank you guys!

But now off to download - I hope you enjoy the new version!
(As always, if you find any errors, please post them in one of the support forums - thanks!)

Betatesting on v2.0.0 has begun!


In a closed betatest, version 2.0.0 of my GUI is getting its final polish. This is a major release and nearly everything has been rewritten (well, the easy to use GUI was maintained... ;-)). If no big bugs are found, i will release it soon!
Many often desired features are waiting for you. Among fixes, performance improvements and other small enhancements, you will get:

  • Portable: now you can use MC-TVConverter on your USB stick!
  • Righ-click streaminfo: select a file in your list and get infos on the audio/video stream
  • Convert E-AC3 to AC3: this fixes for example issues with french recordings (and others of course)
  • Current process can now be viewed within the GUI window!
  • Move or delete original file after conversion
  • ... many other big and small improvements that will make your conversion life easy!

Stay tuned and keep coming back - soon!

New year, new version... (1.5.0)


After a long working time, version 1.5.0 is finally ready for download. Many requests of forum members are included - mainly new features for folder watching and file renaming.

Behind the scene, nearly all used tools were updated and the profiles were reworked. This way you will get at least twice the speed when using the re-encoding profiles! The time consuming conversion first to intermediate files (MP4) and then to the final format are skipped now. The new used ffmpeg version proved to be solid making intermediate files obsolete.
New input formats are there as well: avi, wmv, mp4!
I can't guarantee that the new version is working properly on all files - but you can first convert to MP4 and then further to your desired format if you experience problems. The old profiles worked just that way... ;-)




New Version 1.4.1 is out! This version targets the bugs introduced with the big v1.4.0 update. Installation is HIGHLY recomended! Please uninstall all previous versions. MC-TVConverter no more writes to registry - so conflicts with dll's from CodecPacks no more exists!


big, Big, BIG Update!


Where to begin? It should be version 2 ...

Now you can also watch subfolders! If the GUI is closed and watching a folder is selected, the conversion will automatically start on program launch and the GUI is minimized to the system tray.
Some profiles are reworked (especially AVI is more stable now) an i removed the profile WTV->DVD/stereo (remuxTool has proven to be very stable!). New input types are allowed now: *.ts and *.m2ts.

After long searching i found an easy way to get the metadata out of WTV streams. As an implication you now can set your own target name based on the metadata! You will find all the new features in the settings window.
Well, i do have one bad news for you thogh: unfortunately todvrms is not as stable as i hoped. A conversion to DVR-MS won't work for me as of now. Converting to WTV works - but also not all the time. So i'm in search for a more stable tool or hope the next version will fix everything. So long, for those where it works: lucky ones! To all others: sorry... :-(
But there is hope and the next version is coming for sure! :-)


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