Wednesday 11. December 2019
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Download MC-TVConverter now!


  • easy installation
  • simple operation
  • lossless conversion
    for supported target formats
  • fastest conversion speed
    as fast as your harddisk can copy files!
  • no adware
  • no spyware
  • no undocumented background activities
  • open source
    sourcecode is provided in the installation directory
  • more...

    and best of all:
  • MC-TVConverter is totally FREE! (GPL-License)

The MC-TVConverter
user interface



MC-TVConverter is a GUI for the following
OUTSTANDING applications:

Without these applications this GUI would not exist! Please show your support also there - everyone likes to get positive feedback and it motivates in developing... ;-)





When converting WTV files, JAVA is recommended!




It's recommended to uninstall a previous version first!

for Windows 7 and Vista with TV-Pack
(it works on XP but was not tested intensely!)

recent version: 2.1.0


Happy converting!




Old versions for download:



Language files


Copy the file to your "lang" folder, restart the GUI and select your new language in settings.




Dansk (by Peter Hartman)
2.1 unknown
Hungarian (by Zoltan Nemeth - Roadside)
2.1 unknown
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