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MC-TVConverter changelog


Version 2.1.0

  • Fix: Pressing "delete" outside of MC-TVConverter window will remove item from list
  • Fix: Fast starting multiple instances of MC-TVConverter on startup will cause a "loop start" and DWM to crash
  • Fix: Fixed (hopefully) A/V sync issues when stream contains different audio encodings (just added the ffmpeg parameter "-async 48000" to profiles)
  • Fix: Files with uppercase characters in its extension have not been recognized as valid files
  • Fix: Adding metadata to MP4 files is called with faulty commandline if metadata contains line breaks
  • Fix: A lot of bugs when watching a folder and other small bugs
  • New: Added TP extension as valid input file (it's treated like a TS file)
  • New: Added MKV as new input filetype and the profiles for it
  • New: Added ability to cut files by setting a start and an end time - doubleclick on list item to set the cut values (also applies to custom profiles with ffmpeg, handbrake or mencoder!)
  • New: Added ability to demux TS, MPEG2 and DVR-MS files
  • New: Added status output for current file conversion while watching a folder
  • New: Option to use alternate method to convert files (most compatible results, slower). JAVA is not necessarily needed anymore because of this - though highly recommended for the best and fastest results!
  • New: Added a button to restart the GUI in settings - just for your convenience ;-)
  • New: Splitted option for commercial detection: only detect, or detect and cut
  • New: Press [F4] or [F3] for formatted or unformatted streaminfo of the selected file in the list
  • Update: ffmpeg (git-N-29079 -> git-N-33308-g6638207)
  • Update: ccextractor (v0.57 -> v0.58)
  • Update: mediainfo (v0.7.42 -> v0.7.50)
  • Update: AtomicParsley (v0.9 -> v0.9.4)



Version 2.0.0

  • Fix: Languagestrings
  • Fix: The "...logo.txt" file has not been deleted when using comskip profile
  • Fix: Alternative ffmpeg_dvrms.exe for DVR-MS files used again (conversion with new ffmpeg not stable enough)
  • Fix: Finished conversions are marked according to their status ("ERR" = not successful, "NO" = no profile available, "OK" = successful conversion)
  • Fix: Improved check and closing of currently used process (circumvent conflicts with correspondent processes)
  • New: TOTALLY REVAMPED PROFILES - the stream is now analyzed and the best possible setings are used for speed and quality
  • New: Process output can be viewed in textarea of GUI window (no output when watching a folder)
  • New: Extended metadata for reming: "date of broadcast" ({oy} ,{om}, {od}, {oh}, {omi}) and "original name" ({on})
  • New: Streaminfo (video, audio, size,...) via right click on listview item
  • New: Prevent computer from standby during conversion - also works with the MCE Standby Tool (
  • New: Computer can be turned off now after finished conversion (standby|hibernate|shutdown)
  • New: Original file can now be renamed/moved/deleted after finished conversion
  • New: Option to convert E-AC3 audio to AC3 (also prevents problems in further conversion process - audio/video may get out of synch)
  • New: MC-TVConverter is now portable! If a file "mctvc.portable" exists in root folder of MC-TVConverter, all settings are stored in "data" directory to use it on an USB stick
  • New: Converted files are now renamed to "original_name.extension" (if no renaming scheme entered) -> e.g. previously: "MyRecording.wtv.ts.mp4", now: "MyRecording.mp4"
  • New: comskip is now an option in settings and may be used on all profiles
  • New: A database is now used to store the history when watching a folder (huge improved performance and less CPU load)
  • New: Extended database editor for watched folder history
  • New: Option to tag MP4 files with metadata from WTV/DVR-MS files
  • New: Option to add MP4 files to iTunes Library
  • New: Option to start synchronization of iTunes after finished conversion
  • New: Extended creation of own profiles - it's now possible to use MC-TVConverter as a GUI for all commandline based applications
  • New: Full helpfile is now available
  • Changed: GUI now uses default Windows font
  • Changed: Naming of profiles changed - fixes problems with "non-latin" Windows installations
  • Update: comskip (v0.80.039 -> v0.80.042)
  • Update: ffmpeg (SVN-r26400 -> git-N-29079)
  • Update: remuxTool (1.2.4 -> 1.2.5)


Version 1.5.0

  • Fix: Conversion fixes in combination of file renaming <-> subtitle extraction <-> profile type
  • Fix: Loop-conversion when using comskip profile within watching folder
  • New: File renaming enables moving of files to subfolders with individual namescheme
  • New: File renaming now also uses metadata of DVR-MS files
  • New: When watching a folder, it is now possible to filter the files that should be converted (filename and extension)
  • New: For file filtering a Regular Expression-Check can be used to check if a file will be converted or not
  • New: When watching a folder, it is now possible to set a time frame when conversion should be executed (also across midnight)
  • New: The converted files now gets the same creation date as the original file (used for AdScanner, e.g. "TVsweeper")
  • New: New option to turn off the notification when conversion has finished
  • New: New profile -> file renaming only - based on the metadata of the original file (only for WTV and DVR-MS files -> has to be enabled and defined within settings first!)
  • New: New input types: *.avi, *.mp4 and *.wmv
  • Changed: Syntax for file renaming for readability, e.g. %t% -> {t}
  • Changed: Major profile testing. Due to new tool versions no more intermediate conversion step to MP4 is needed! Major speed improvement - at least twice as fast!
  • Update: handbrake (v0.9.4 -> v0.9.5)
  • Update: comskip (v0.80.036 -> v0.80.039)
  • Update: ccextractor (v0.55 -> v0.57)
  • Update: ffmpeg (SVN-r18709 -> SVN-r26400)



Version 1.4.1

  • Fix: subtitlefile (*.srt) is also renamed when videofile is renamed
  • Fix: renaming shows wrong hours and minutes
  • Fix: MC-TVConverter does not start anymore if process was killed during watching a folder
  • Fix: errormessage on non existing WTVConverter.exe
  • Alternate ffmpeg_dvrms.exe for DVR-MS files -> more stable DVR-MS conversion
  • Removed conversion to DVR-MS and WTV (currently not stable enough)
  • Update remuxTool (v1.2.2 -> v1.2.4)
  • Cleaner uninstallation process: removes registry entries and user settings


Version 1.4.0

  • New input types: *.ts und *.m2ts
  • System settings: button for fast opening of debug.log file
  • Extract subtitles when converting WTV files (except WTV -> DVR-MS)
  • GUI now also saves the path to the watched folder
  • When watching a folder and the program window is closed, the folderwatch is continued automatically and the GUI is minimized to tray
  • When watching a folder, it is now also possible to watch its subfolders
  • Rename the converted files based on the metadata of the WTV stream! Create your own namescheme!
  • Update profiles: DiVX (*.avi), Flash Video (*.flv), DVD/MPEG2 (*.mpg)
  • Fixes in GUI and Code cleanup


Version 1.3.0

  • New profile: ComSkip (MPEG2-Streams - *.mpg) -> remove commercials automatically from MPEG2-Streams
  • GUI now remembers the last used settings and the position of window


Version 1.2.0

  • New installer
  • Version check on program start
  • New function: quick conversion of single file with right click context menu or filedrop on program icon


Version 1.1.1

  • Update remuxTool (v1.2.1 -> v1.2.2)
  • Optimized profile for faster HQ MP4 conversion


Version 1.1 FINAL

  • New profile: DVD (*.mpg) -> transcodet video, DVD compliant
  • New profile: MP4 HQ (*.mp4) -> high quality MP4 video (also for HD material)
  • Update remuxTool (v1.1 -> v1.2.1) (new stream analyzer, audio delay in output filename at DEMUX conversion, AVC fix)
  • "hidden profiles": you can set the quality of intermediate files now
  • Optimized profile for intermediate files: 3x the speed at conversion
  • New settings in GUI: delete intermediate files, show conversion process, language selection


Version 1.1 RC2

  • Fix: check for path to "java.exe"
  • Fix: conversion of HD-Streams
  • Fix: cancel on conversion while watching folder




Version 1.1 RC1

  • Internal paths now absolute (fix the "tool not found" messages)
  • Language selection and language files
  • Watch folder for all supported file types
  • Now all audio streams may be converted  from WTV to DEMUX or TS
  • Output folder also supported for DEMUX
  • Now supports WTV-HD conversion
  • New design and features in settings window


Version 1.0 AC3 beta3

  • Seperated profiles (profiles.ini) and settings (config.ini)
  • Basic settings can be made in the GUI
  • MC-TVConverter tries to find Java automatically. The path to java.exe can be set in config.ini or via GUI manually!
  • Select a output folder for converted files
  • GUI design reworked
  • Bugfixes in remuxTool (stream-recognition)
  • Debug logging
  • Advanced settings in config.ini (e.g. keep intermediate files, etc. - see explanations in config.ini)
  • Directly convert WTV with AC3 Audio to MPG!


Version 1.0 AC3 beta2

  • New profile to convert WTV with AC3 audio to MPG
  • Select a preferred language!! (for files with multiple language streams)
  • GUI design reworked
  • Bugfixes in remuxTool


Version 1.0 AC3 beta1

  • Possibility to convert WTV with AC3 audio to TS and DEMUX


Version 1.0 alpha

  • first release




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